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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  September 2, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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right now. what's the latest, justin? >> here's the latest, we have ourselves a stronger storm this morning. the storm is larger, the storm is actually at its peak. it weakened yesterday, 145 miles per hour sustained winds. it's barreling down on the east coast. still sitting a few hundred miles offshore. you can see it off the north carolina coastline. that's an impressive storm. we're not going to get the peak of the storm in maryland. we'll be on the weaker side, the storm is pulling away from the coast. in the beaches, tropical storm warning, on average, 40 to 60 miles per hour sustained winds at the worst part of this storm will be, when we wake up, this time tomorrow morning. through around lunch time. waves probably going to be 10 to
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20 feet. churning up the chesapeake bay as well. because of the push of water and because of the wind flow, there's a coastal flood advisory for the western shores of the chesapeake. aberdeen, down towards annapolis, this isn't isabel. nothing of this sort, but there'll be high water and there'll be low tidal flooding. we're watching a tropical satellite and essentially, there you can see raven -- rain bands pushing into sea. sunshine with a few clouds strolling in across the southern sky, outer edges of the system. baltimore, hardly any impact from earl today or tomorrow. two-degree guaranteed high reaching 92 this afternoon by 4:00 p.m. more on earl's forecast and labor day coming up. let's see what's happening on the roads.
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>> the roadways are golden right now, we have very light volume, no delays, no accidents. traffic is moving nicely this morning, as we look at our drive times, not going to encounter delays at this time. still smooth from the beltway as you approach the fort mchenry toll plaza. on the outer loop across the key bridge, towards 97. only going to take you nine minutes. here's baltimore city on the jfx cold spring lane, traffic flowing freely in both directions. no problems as you make your way around, mlk and fayette street, downtown traffic looks good. preparing for earl, there's no talk of evacuating ocean city. really the last time tourists and townies were chased off coastal highway. we have live team coverage this morning, want to go right now to the beach. here's abc2 news don harrison. don? >> good morning, jamie, how are
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you guys doing? it's really calm right here. very comfortable. i checked all the meters, exactly 76 degrees where i am. blowing about 8 miles an hour. the waves are at 5 or 6 feet. it's coming in like it was last night. earl is affecting someone, not here yet, at some point we'll feel some effect. what we're looking at in ocean city, emergency management personnel has been talking to us. we have a tropical storm warning. winds will be going about 40 miles an hour, feeling some gusts between 50 and 60 miles an hour. the waves will build later on today, to about 10 feet. of course the waves tomorrow, will increase. we'll be looking at 15 feet or. so tropical force winds, we'll be seeing rains, one to two inches of rain. rough surf, obviously, we'll see minor street flooding. all of that will happen between 3:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. on friday.
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so tonight, around 7:00, emergency management and the mayor have talked to me and said that around 7:00 tonight is critical for them. they'll take a look at how hurricane earl is affecting north carolina and the other coasts and how it will head here. that's a critical time for them. they'll talk to us around 1:00 today. we'll meet with emergency management personnel again. we'll let you know what happens. don harrison, back to you. >> our area looks like it's going to miss the brunt of this storm, the coast guard and maryland national resources police are preparing just incase hurricane earl decides to push further inland. >> labor day weekend is often one of the busiest on the water, a lot of people like to enjoy the last weekend of summer. conditions could get dangerous
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this weekend with earl fast approaching. their securing boats with extra lines just incase. that's what they recommend boat owners do as well. coast guard officials warn people should stay off their boats and out of the water during the storm. risk of shifting tides and high winds could pose a big threat. >> we recommend that during this event, that you stay off the water. there's really, there's too much to risk. >> and once things have calmed down and you decide to go out on the boat, it's still recommended, coast guard officials say you file a slow plan that tells someone where you're going and when you're expected to be back. people are being asked to head inland in north carolina. for some people, it's cutting into their holiday weekend plans. sherrie johnson talks with two marylanders heading back home this morning. >> reporter: thousands of
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visitors across the world have been told the hurricane is too close and they have to leave. this morning, a state of emergency. some mandatory evacuations are already underway. one road off hatteras island was a slow-moving mess yesterday. a group of friends are now on the road back to canada. bill isler and his family were forced to abandon their two-week vacation and drive back to maryland last night. they kicked us out of the house this morning. there have been times when people have sworn to us it's not going to touch us and three hours where it's right on top of us. >> fema shipping bottled water, generators and 300,000 meals to north carolina and massachusetts. >> we're live where there's water everywhere, except your bathtub. we're all over the place here. stay with abc2 news for complete live coverage as earl moves in. join us at 4:00 for a live
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one-hour special tracking hurricane earl, leading into abc2 news at 5:00 and 6:00. we'll be live from ocean city. tomorrow, good morning maryland starts one hour early at 4:00 a.m. and our live team coverage will continue throughout the rest of the day. >> you can get the latest on hurricane earl on our website, check out the up to the minute news on our homepage and for everything there you want to know about earl, we have you covered. click on the weather tab, when you get there, click on hurricane center. it's seven minutes after 6:00 right now, after several tense hours, a gunman is dead this morning, but his hostages are safe and sound. a 43-year-old man, james lee entered the discovery channel's headquarters yesterday afternoon, more than four hours later, lee was shot and killed. during that time, that whole area was on edge. pete o'neill has more. >> reporter: it's the place where television shows are produced every day, but today,
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this was no television show, it was for real. >> move as far away from the building as you can. [sirens] >> it started about 1:00 p.m. today. >> he came in with explosive devices strapped to his person. we believe that he also came in with um, two boxes and two backpacks um, that we suspect may have uh, explosive devices in them. >> reporter: as folks watched the scene unfold, there was a sense of extreme nervousness. >> i was texting back and forth. they said he had explosives and stuff. thinking of 9/11 and what happened and the people within eight breaks of 9/11. i was a little nervous. i knew god was going to take us through this. >> reporter: the child care center inside the building was
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cleared. some people had to walk long distances because a lot of the streets were blocked off. for others, they could even get to their homes. >> he used to be an employee, he was irate with them. >> reporter: how does this story end? >> the suspect was shot by police officers, um, the uh, device um, appeared to go off, we haven't confirmed that uh, as of this time. we saw some smoke. >> reporter: pete o'neill, aabc2 news. montgomery police say streets remain closed around the building, there's still a strong police presence. jury selection set to begin in the three men accused of killing ken harris. charles mcganey, gary collins, jerome williams, face murder charges in connection with shooting harris back in
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september of 2008. the pre-trial motions didn't go well for the defense. the judge rejected every motion the defense lawyers submitted. all intend though submit dna and other evidence. the grand prix race is in baltimore next year. it's a much bigger event than we first thought. there'll be two races during the labor day weekend next year. will be joining the indycar race next labor day weekend. the lamont series creates a double header over the three-day period. the mayor says the weekend event will bring in a lot of money to baltimore. the city has a contract with both races for five years. the orioles were on the verge of beating [inaudible] for the first time.
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hit homers in a 6-run seven. coming in, listening to a new york radio station this morning: a heard the host say the yankees are worried about playing the orioles. remember the ravens play tonight: last pre-season game of the year. they're playing in st. louis. >> people along the east coast are bracing for hurricane earl. >> the effects that are being felt already, high winds and big waves. here's a storm brewing, how about this? patricia jessamy releasing heir own ad. a car slams through a store. look at this incredible video. first, to new york for business news. >> reporter: we begin your moneyscope report with the stock market starting september with a bang. the dow soared 255 points wednesday. its best day in almost two
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months. expected reports on manufacturing in the u.s. and in china, snatched a string of discouraging economic data. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke appears before a panel today. bernanke will give his take on the meltdown and the potential risks of banks considered too big to fail. the maker of botox has agreed to pay $600 million in federal charges. doctors used it for unapproved uses such as headaches and pain. facebook is getting into the giftcard business. target will begin selling them this sunday. that's your moneyscope report, i'm rob nelson.
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quarter after 6:00 right now: this morning the eastern seaboard is bracing for hurricane earl this morning. cutting short of the labor day weekend for many people. the governor of our state, as well as governs of north carolina and virginia have all declared state of emergencies. >> reporter: we know that earl is now getting bigger, nearly 500-feet across. winds are blowing stronger. earl is starting to move faster. that's why here in atlantic beach, everyone in hotels got a letter saying mandatory evacuation. that evacuation began just about an hour ago. >> reporter: this is the eye of
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hurricane earl, an area of calm in did midst of what is a monster category four storm. threatening more of the east coast than any hurricane in nearly 20 years. people are on their way out. >> they won't let us stay. they'll make us sit in this traffic. >> mandatory evacuations are spreading across north carolina. >> long lines of latest summer tourists leaving with unexpected vacation memories. >> we're looking forward to a nice vacation. now our vacation's over. >> reporter: earl-induced work is just beginning. emergency shelters are being set up, homes boarded up, boats pulled out of the water so safety. >> we try to be prudent and make sure the boat doesn't get damaged. >> you never know what flying debris you'll get. >> we could continue to see watches and warnings up the east
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coast. >> reporter: fema is hoping to get ahead of a storm that so far shows no signs of retreat. overnight president obama declared north carolina an emergency disaster declaration. this mandatory evacuation that went out to everyone overnight, everyone is supposed to be off the island, everyone who is a tourist or a visitor by 5:30 this afternoon. that probably means a lot of folks will be headed back up your direction to baltimore, trying to escape this storm. reporting live in atlantic beach north carolina, i'm emily schmitt abc2 news. 6:17. thanks emily, doing a great job down there. we're watching the outer cloud band pushing towards the beach.
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cape lookout up through cape hatteras. these stick out and catch a lot of the tropical systems. you can see the radar hinting at strong outer rain bands beginning to push their way towards the coast. and probably just a few hours, they start to see rain and increased winds going downhill in a hurricane. you can see the eye looking much more impressive overnight. dry air wrapping around western iowa. that may be an indication the storm is peaked. should maintain major hurricane intensity through this evening. one thing to notice, it appears as if the eye may be moving and making the turn towards the north. would be a clear indication as to how close it will get to the coastline. once we make that turn, we determine it will stay farther off the coast. that one is helping to kick this thing further out to sea, prevent us from getting a direct
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hit. 145-miles per hour sustained winds. it should decrease as it approaches and passes the outer banks of north carolina. the wind field here, for hurricane earl extends out 230 miles in that yellow shading in all directions. that puts ocean city within the reach of tropical storm force winds and the reason why there's a tropical storm warning for the maryland and delaware beaches. the hurricane force winds in the deep orange shading, well offshore, because of the circulation of the storm, strongest winds are actually out to sea on the right side of the forward movement. the winds that wrap around the backside, actually take in dry air from new england, dry air off the land. actually begin to pull away from the beach. this is the weaker side of the storm. three-foot storm surge in ocean city. they could get rain depending on
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the bands on shore. 40 to 60 mile-per-hour winds, past salisbury, easton and cambridge, almost no impact in maryland. tomorrow morning through early afternoon. deep effect from the storm. we have a nice weekend shaping up. other-wise, forecast models indicating rain clipping the outer banks through this evening. we're watching the rain just offshore tomorrow morning. right after high tide and around sunrise in ocean city. you can see the eye by 2:00 in the afternoon and farther out to sea. for us in maryland, almost no impact, mostly sunny day, humid day at 92 degrees. light winds to be expected. all lower eastern shore and towards the beaches. back down to about 70. clouds towards the east. this time tomorrow morning, i'll be standing there on the beach in ocean city. we'll have live conditions to show you, nothing in baltimore, maybe a stray thundershower
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because of the cold front coming from the west. other-wise, we're quiet. 79 and sunny on saturday. overnight lows down into the 50s, we're back into the low 80s on sunday and labor day. sunny to partly cloudy, high of 83. let's see what's happening on the roads with kim brown. >> not much going on this morning on the roadways, always good news. i don't really have much. everything is looking good around the beltway. traffic starting to build in some areas. aside from that, no delays, accidents or incidents at this time. as we look at our cameras, this'll be the beltway at wilkins avenue. moving at a nice pace. building volume, may encounter a little bit of slowing in both directions, clears up past that scene. as we look at our drive times, little bit on the outer loop, 795 to 70, seven minutes to make that trip on 95 southbound, starting to pick up slightly. four minutes from white marsh
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boulevard to the beltway. harbor tunnel thruway, no problems at all. will take you six minutes this morning. traffic very quiet, looking very good as you make your way out the door to start your commute. it is 6:22. 90210. if you're celebrating a birthday, happy birthday. janet, happy birthday. her entire church choir, especially the soprano section said they love her and wish her many more to come. happy birthday. hope they're singing happy birthday to you, janet. yesterday we had the dancing dog, today we have more good stuff to show you. >> we had to show you this video. >> it's a male pigmy hippo.
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this fell was born two weeks ago. now weighs 11 pounds. he may be small, but he'll eventually be 825 pounds. so far no name for the hippo. rare pigmy hippo. very cute.
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after her primary challenger released two scathing baltimore city ads, patricia jessamy has her own ad. take a look. congressman elijah cummings provides the face for the spot
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uploaded to facebook yesterday afternoon. new video this morning to show you: a remarkable crash in massachusetts. look at this. caught on tape. police say the driver of an suv fell asleep while driving down the highway. you can see the grand cherokee slam into the county store. luckily, the store owner and his wife had just closed for the night. after over $130,000 in repairs, the store's almost ready to open for business again. the university of iowa football player was riding his motorcycle in downtown iowa city when he was hit by a pick-up truck. josh coppell on a motorcycle, white truck goes to the intersection, amazingly, he gets right up, he's okay this morning. baltimore city's mayor wants citizens to be aware of what they could see. heavy rains from hurricane earl. >> officials say do everything you can to ensure your family
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stays safe during the storm. >> reporter: people living along the chesapeake bay are taking no chances, i'll have more on preparations for hurricane earl.
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